Horse shoeing clip Shoe-TRU™ Horse Toe Clip for farriers

Magnetic Toe Clip :: Horseshoeing Made easy

Proper Professional Shoe Placement Everytime!

The Shoe-TRU™ magnetic toe clip allows you to keep the toe of the shoe in-line with the toe of the hoof until the first two nails are set. Then, simply push it forward and remove. >>

If you are using a natural balance shoe or just want to hold the shoe slightly back then place the toe-clip in the 10 o'clock position. This still stabilizes the shoe and you can see the extended toe at the same time.

A real asset when shoeing colts, un-mannered or sore-footed horses. or when you're just plain tired and don't want to settle for less than a shoe in perfect toe/heel alignment.Ferriers:: Magnetci Toe Clip

  • Proper professional alignment every time.

  • Improves shoeing speed -
    spend less time under the horse.

With enclosed metal disks attached to your apron, the
Buddy will always be within easy reach.

Shoe-TRU™ ~ Removable Shoe Alignment Toe Clip
Less Time Under the Horse Guaranteed!


One time purchase, lifetime use.
The handiest little tool you'll ever own.

Fred Zweifel Farriers, Pro or Beginner,

It is very easy to get a horseshoe started with a toe clip, we all know that. This Shoe-TRU™ magnetic toe clip does the same thing.

Sure we can all put a shoe on without a clip. But the Shoe-TRU™ works on every foot, every horse, every time, but it only works IF YOU USE IT. If you want to leave the toe stick out, than put the clip on at the 10 or 2 o’clock position and get the same great results.

You students and beginners, who are still open to new technology should have this tool in your bag of tricks, because once your out in the "real world”, shoeing for a living and not in a controlled environment –like at school, the big picture REALLY changes.

Horseshoeing is hard work and always will be, so here is a super tool that will make your job alot easier!! Each one of us only has so many horses in us, before we wear out. So here is a tool that can extend your productive years and make your job easier (what a concept!). Get this little tool and use it like it was a club!!

Happy Shoeing,

Fred Zweifel

P.S. If this tool doesn’t save you time on every foot-send it back for a full refund.

Fred using the Shoe-TRU™ Magenetic Toe clip shoeing horseshoeing farrier tools

Distributors Desired

We're looking for distributors to sell Shoe-TRU™ nationally and internationally. Please open a Distributor Account online or contact us by e-mail or phone. The opportunity for sales is only limited to the number of farriers and horse owners worldwide. Think about that one.

Shoe-TRU™ Magnetic Toe Clip