Horse shoeing clip Shoe-TRU™ Horse Toe Clip for farriers

[June 2013]

I have tried the Shoetru on several horses and mules. It is a hit with me. I found it does well on my horses and my draft mule. I have two saddle mules that have much smaller feet and it works for finding the end of the toe, but it does not lock down the shoe as well in the lateral direction on the smaller feet. That being said, I give the shoetru a thumbs up rating. The magnets have good strength and the shoetru stays on my apron where it is handy when needed.

As a side note, I am missing my little finger on my left hand and I noticed the shoetru allows me to hold a shoe in place with just a fingers pressure. This makes it much easier to start the first nail and feel confident that the shoe will not move.

Thanks again for your fast service,

[March 2013] Hi Fred
I am an outfitter and an airplane mechanic.  I have professional farriers do my preseason shoeing and end of season removal and trims.  I do some of the maintenance trimming.  During the season I am the one who has to replace shoes in the mountains.  My biggest problem is holding the shoe in the right place while replacing it.  I was mulling over making something along the same principal as you have until I saw your product. Congratulations on your invention, you have an elegant solution to a common problem for us amateurs.  It is simple functional and well worth the money.

I bought one last fall and decided to buy another to help keep my bigger shoes in place by using 2 of them.  Looking for your product on the web I came across your website and saw on the video you beat me to it again.

Look us up on the web,

Kelly  and Linda Vrem
Rough&Ready Guide Service Inc.


[Aug 2012] I purchased this device sevral months ago and been using it on every horse except shoes with clips or aluminums. I always had trouble keeping shoes where i needed and [your clip] helped a lot.

As 2 yrs out of school, I am still green and take a while to shoe. But your device helped that!

More farrier supplies need to carry these -they are a great help.




[Sept 2012] I saw your video on YouTube and thought it was a great product, can hardly wait to try it out. I'm not a professional farrier. I have been shoeing my own horse for over 15 years and understand about proper alignment of shoes, always challenging. I even see the pros not get it straight. So I think your idea is great.

My horse can get alittle edgy over the time I take with him trimming & shoeing, as I am abit more particular than pro farrier and take more time. When you spoke on your video of a horse moving around, I thought, Yes, I understand that!

Anyway, I am grateful for your video and think your product will be very helpful for me, make my job quicker and easier too!

Keep up the good work and thank you!


"One of the best shoe fitting tools to hit the farrier industry in 40 years" John Burt, Master Farrier, owner/instructor of JBC School of
Horseshoeing & Science

"I am a retired farrier and I love this. It holds true to its claim and makes for a perfect set everytime!! I only shoe my own horses now, but wish this was around when I was doing client horses. No more setting nails and pulling them because they are still set perfectly when the horses move. This is a must have for farriers and personal shoers". Double R., Galt,Ca.

Shawn Deering down in Albany, MO says "Just wanted to let you know that I used the Shoe-Tru yesterday and it worked great. The shoes did not slide back on me like they had in the past. It made the job much easier and for a novice shoer that is really important. Thanks again and best of luck with your product."

Mark down in Tuson says "Using the ShoeTRU™ is
like having a third hand."

Afton Farrier Supply-New York, reports "clients saying that their hands don't get as cold with the shoe-tru between their hand and the cold steel."

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Made in the U.S.A.

Distributors Desired! We're looking for distributors to sell Shoe-TRU™ nationally and internationally. Please open a Distributor Account online or contact us by e-mail or phone. The opportunity for sales is only limited to the number of farriers and horse owners worldwide. Think about that one.

FARRIERS PREVIEW by Horse Communicator, Idaho --

Once a horses foot is trimmed and balanced, the horseshoe is positioned on the hoof for attachment. The shoe must be nailed on precisely; preventing any slight movement of the shoe at this time is one of the biggest challenges for any farrier, especially if the horse is not cooperative.

Let me introduce Shoe-Tru, the magnetic toe clip, a simple and inexpenxive horseshoeing tool. Simply place the clip on the toe of the horseshoe prior to getting under the horse. The clip magnetically holds onto the shoe, keeping the toe of the horseshoe in direct alignment with the toe of the hoofwall. Now, you can easily hold the shoe in place and get the first two nails started without the shoe slipping back. Once the first two nails are set, just slide off the magnetic toe clip and finish nailing.

This tool is especially useful for uncooperative horses or colts, because now you can get those first nails set much quicker. This tool is also very useful for shoeing the hind feet where you have to stretch out further to keep the shoe lined up. To learn more visit

Fred using the Shoe-TRU™ Magenetic Toe clip shoeing horseshoeing farrier tools

Distributors Desired

We're looking for distributors to sell Shoe-TRU™ nationally and internationally. Please open a Distributor Account online or contact us by e-mail or phone. The opportunity for sales is only limited to the number of farriers and horse owners worldwide. Think about that one.

Shoe-TRU™ Magnetic Toe Clip